Turn Up

  • Overview
  • Outcome
  • Methodology
  • Targets
  • Certification


There is a lack of OutSystems Professionals in the Market, Turn you up and get a job in this area ! Turn Up Program is a complete training process that starts with web foundation training, followed by OutSystems training. In the end our trainees will be ready to enter in a project as OutSystems Associate Developer.


With the Turn Up program, our trainees will have training to become a Certified OutSystems Associate Developer, ready to enter in a project.


The training methodology we follow is aimed at developing skills through their practical application, based on four vectors of learning: practical, theoretical, technical and technological; and focusing on an interdisciplinary approach of the various aspects of OutSystems Programming and Soft Skills.


The Turn Up program is designed for all persons who have a logical reasoning. If you are an Engineer or a Mathematician and wants to find a job as a developer, you are an excellent candidate.


All ITUp trainees of this program will be an OutSystems Certified Professionals (Associate Developer).