Zero Risk Ramp Up

  • Overview
  • Outcome
  • Methodology
  • Targets
  • Certification


Zero Risk Ramp Up Program is a complete process that starts with recruitment, followed by training and finally delivers resources, with zero risk to our customers. In the end customers will be able to decide if they want to hire the resource or not.


With the OutSystems Zero Risk Ramp Up program, our customers will have an OutSystems Associate Developer ready to enter in a project and reduced to ZERO the ramp up costs inside the company. The program is ZERO RISK because in the end the customer can decide not to hire the trainee without any penalty.


The training methodology we follow is aimed at developing skills through their practical application, based on four vectors of learning: practical, theoretical, technical and technological; and focusing on an interdisciplinary approach of the various aspects of OutSystems Programming and Soft Skills.


The OutSystems Zero Risk Ramp Up program is designed for all customers that need to hire OutSystems Associate Developers and have no ramp up process defined or would like to outsource this program so they can focus on their core business, producing value to the company.


All ITUp people coming from this program will be OutSystems Certified Professionals (Associate Developer).